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Roach: Diaz should consider retirement

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Manny Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach, thinks that perhaps David Diaz should consider retirement. From Roman Modrowski's Sun-Times article:


I asked Roach what he thought about Diaz's future, and he paused for a second to consider his words carefully.


''I'd like to see him retire maybe,'' Roach said. ''He's a game guy and got overwhelmed. He took a bad beating.

''David Diaz should take a six-month rest and then decide what he's going to do with his career. Right now is a bad time to make that choice because it's after a rough fight. He needs a nice, long rest. He doesn't need to get back in the ring for a while. Spend some time with his family and then make a solid decision in about six months.''


Keep in mind that Freddie Roach thinks everyone should retire before something goes wrong, and that he's especially concerned about things going wrong. He knows the perils of the sport first-hand, and that is not something to be ignored.

But I think Diaz retiring is a silly idea if he's still fit to fight, and plenty of guys have taken worse beatings than Diaz did in his last fight and come back strong.

No, he's not a great fighter, but he's a good one, and he's going to have some chances to make more good money, I think. He now has a little bit of name recognition, he's known as a definite tough guy, and he can test the skills of fighters while not being a great danger to beat them.

Is everyone else tired of all the retirement talk that comes after EVERY SINGLE big fight these days? If we get past Cotto-Margarito without rumblings of either of them retiring, it'll be a blessing.

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