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Toney awarded third round TKO due to cut

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

It was a disaster from start to finish as FOX Sports Net attempted to broadcast a pathetic rematch between washed-up heavyweights James Toney, 39, and Hasim Rahman, 35.

Toney was awarded the victory via third round TKO after Rahman was unable to continue due to a cut over his left eye.

The ringside commentators and just about anyone watching the fight were sure the cut resulted from a clash of heads. Replays confirmed this idea. Rahman was ruled as having said he couldn't continue, so whatever -- the Rahman team says they'll appeal the ruling.

More B.S. from the most B.S.-filled class in the sport. There is no other weight division that even comes close to the consistently bad fights, whining, and outright eye-rollability of the big men. Toney says he's the best heavyweight in the world; I wouldn't rank him in my top 30, probably. Rahman says he'll be back. Where? The Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, Mich.?

The less these two get from this crap performance, the better. And before anyone questions me on my James Toney feelings, it's simple how I feel about him: he's cheated. Multiple times. He's been caught. He's not a legit fighter anymore, I'm sorry. He brought that on himself.

But truth be told, Toney was starting to make it a slightly interesting fight between a couple of washed-up old farts before the cut -- which did not seem as bad as the FSN team made it out -- caused the stoppage in the Rahman corner. But forget about it. If either of these two want a major fight, then give Wlad Klitschko some money to finish their careers and forget about it.

It does seem like it should have been ruled a no contest, though. The FSN team wondered if we'd see a third fight between those two. Oh, here's hoping! The first fight was a stinker of a 12-round draw and this farce went all of three rounds before a cut that would have been shrugged off by men half their size led to a stoppage. No one wants to see these two fight again. Leave it alone.

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