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Vazquez eyes fall return

Israel_vazquez_675753_medium Source: Boxing Scene

Super bantamweight champion Israel Vazquez is looking to return in either October or November, though he hasn't been in the gym recently. He says he's stayed in shape without gym work, but has taken a deserved rest after the three-fight series with Rafael Marquez.

Vazquez has named Marquez, Jorge Arce and Oscar Larios as potential opponents. Here's hoping he does not fight Larios, who is on medical suspension in the U.S. after suffering a minor subdural hematoma. That fight would almost certainly have to take place in Mexico -- it's also a pointless bout, as Larios has already been knocked out twice in three fights by Vazquez.

A fourth fight with Marquez doesn't seem like it would come just yet, and Arce has been lobbying to step up to 122 pounds to fight Vazquez in what would surely be an all-action affair and a wonderful, brutal fight to watch. Most figure Vazquez would pound the brave Arce into submission -- I am in that camp.

But whoever winds up in the ring with Vazquez, his return is most welcome. He is the most exciting fighter in the world, for my money.

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