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Calzaghe injured, Jones fight postponed

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Joe_calzaghe_388272a_mediumSource: Dan Rafael (ESPN)

The light heavyweight championship fight between Wales' Joe Calzaghe and American legend Roy Jones, Jr., is being postponed because of an injured right wrist to Calzaghe.

The bout was originally scheduled for September 20 on HBO pay-per-view, taking the date of the scrapped Mayweather-de la Hoya rematch, and making for back-to-back HBO PPV weekends. Now, it will wait.

From the Rafael report:

"He told me it's an injured right wrist," Wirt said. "I was told that he hurt it on Sunday punching a heavy bag. We're trying to reschedule [the fight] for November, and that works for them, so the injury must be something they feel will heal sufficiently by then."


Wirt said he is talking to officials from Madison Square Garden about an alternate date in November.

There's also the usual "blessing in disguise" fooferaw that comes with every major fight being scrapped/postponed, but in this case, I think it holds some water. The promotional tour was set to start next week, the fight felt overshadowed by the announced Pavlik-Hopkins bout in October, it was coming on the heels of Casamayor-Marquez (not as big of a fight, but a big fight), you had Mosley-Mayorga the next week (two names, so a big fight), and it was going to be trying to promote while the boxing world is mostly focused on Cotto-Margarito this Saturday and the persistent Oscar de la Hoya rumors and scuttlebutt. Plus, HBO wants to do another 24/7 series, which is great, but now they'll have more time to prepare.

They'll also have more time to film Calzaghe talking about his wrist while Liev Schreiber says, "In Wales, an injury to Calzaghe forces the fight to be postponed..."

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