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Jeff Lacy is an idiot

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

340x_medium Source: Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Jeff Lacy has decided to "retire" because he's upset with Golden Boy Promotions about the money offered to fight Jermain Taylor in November, meaning that fight is, for the time being, off of the schedule, leaving Taylor to revisit a fight with Carl Froch, who had apparently originally asked for way too much money.

Now, here's the thing. Usually I try to be nicer, but forget about it here. Jeff Lacy is a moron. An idiot. A numbskull. And he's delusional.

The money offered was originally $500,000, and after he struggled to beat Epifanio Mendoza on Wednesday, the offer was raised just $50,000. Lacy was insulted, and has decided to announce his retirement.

Lacy is also under the impression that Taylor "needs him more than he needs Taylor" -- what planet is Lacy on? I might be biased, but Taylor's two performances in losses to Pavlik certainly were more impressive than anything Lacy has done in years. IN YEARS. His wins over Tsypko, Manfredo and Mendoza were all struggles, and we're not talking about top opponents here.

Lacy was always overrated, always overhyped, and now he's just not worth major money. He should feel like a fight with Taylor is a chance for him to make that big money again. Instead, he finds himself feeling entitled to paydays he hasn't really earned.

His management team can go on and on about his Olympic credentials and one-loss pro record all the way. His Olympic credentials mean nothing anymore (he's in his 30s) and his lone loss saw him get destroyed, though he still blames that on being less than 100% (which Calzaghe also was on that night). He's not marketable.

And he's acting like a child here. Maybe his split with Gary Shaw has something to do with his own personality, because he's not doing much differently with Golden Boy.

Have fun, Jeff. Enjoy your "retirement."

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