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Cotto: Classy in defeat

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.


Never let it be said that Miguel Cotto is a smack-talking, excuse-making, "oh this and that and that and this happened and then I lost" kind of a fighter.

After his first pro loss, all he really had to say was this:

"This was Margarito's night. He's an excellent fighter. He did his job better than I did. ... I am very proud and very happy I was able to give the fans a great fight."

There remains nothing I don't like about Miguel Cotto. Antonio Margarito beat him down and forced him into submission, no easy task. And Cotto is a man about it and says he'll move on.

Also notable in that Tim Smith article is that Arum says he's looking to match Margarito with the Clottey-Judah winner next. Margarito already beat Clottey, as you probably remember, in December 2006, on the same card where Cotto demolished Carlos Quintana. I think the Bobfather's hoping for a Judah win, because he says it's time for Margarito to "chase cash," and there's no money in Joshua Clottey.

Where Cotto goes next is a mystery. If Shane Mosley can't find himself a good dance partner post-Mayorga (assuming, as we all do, that he wins), a Cotto-Mosley rematch might work.

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