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Taylor-Lacy is back on; what a retirement!

Jermain-taylor24_medium Source: Tampa Tribune

Jeff Lacy's big retirement lasted all of a few days, as the proposed fight between the Tampa-based fighter and his 2000 U.S. Olympic teammate is back on for November 15. Lacy has been given a slight raise in pay, though I'd guess not exactly what he'd been hoping for.

I maintain that Lacy is an idiot with an inflated sense of self-worth and a belief that he means a lot more than anyone else thinks he does in the world of boxing.

You know, having watched Lacy's last four fights, I can't see anything less than a Taylor domination, either a knockout or a very wide decision. Jermain is a big step up from the likes of Epi Mendoza, Peter Manfredo and Vitali Tsypko (and I know Lacy was hampered with an injury during the Tsypko fight). Jermain fought very well twice against Kelly Pavlik and lost. It was the best he'd looked since twice topping Bernard Hopkins.

How does Lacy beat Taylor? His gun-and-pray offense just isn't good enough against a world-class fighter, which Taylor still is. This might wind up being Jeff's real retirement.

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