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Yoel compares Zab to Gatti

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Zab_judah_2006-headshot-med__medium C'maaaahn.

It's interesting that Zab Judah is looking to finally get a new trainer -- something that has been needed for years, I think -- but his father/trainer, Yoel, is just awesome.

"Zab is like Arturo Gatti at this point," said Yoel in that article, noting that Zab always comes to fight these days.


Does he? And is comparing the often-gutless, excuse-maklng Judah to the no-excuses warrior Gatti a bit of a total joke, if not an outright insult to the intelligence of the fans?

1. If Zab came to fight every time, he probably should've knocked out Ryan Davis.

2. If Zab actually came to all his fights, he'd have lost to Mosley in May instead of Clottey in August.

3. Yes, it is.

If I were making a list of fighters that are still going that remind me of Gatti in any way, Judah might come in about 103rd.

BUT, the real news is that Zab will get a new trainer and Yoel will focus entirely on promoting. If Zab is ever going to become the fighter he was at one time (or at least thought to be), then a new trainer is going to be necessary. It's not that I think it'll work. Personally, I think Zab can beat fringe guys, be competitive against just about anyone, but against the top opponents? He'll fold.

The idea of Judah working with Floyd Mayweather, Sr., intrigues me because I see no way that they make it through a camp together. Floyd is an ego case; Zab is an ego case and has some trouble taking criticism. Floyd is a guy that likes to talk down to Oscar de la Hoya, most famous boxer on earth.

I'd love to see a reality show based on the Floyd Sr.-Zab camp, but that's about it. If they could gel, though, Floyd knows what to do with a guy like Judah.

In the same article, Luis Collazo says he might retire. There's a line in Tombstone, when the surviving Earps are leaving town after the death of Morgan. Wyatt stops his carriage, and says to the Cowboys, "I want you to know it's over."

Curly Bill looks up at him and responds, "Well...bye."

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