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Call to arms: The Bad Left Hook Top 20

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

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Alright, dudes, ladies, and general boxing fans, we're putting out the call. We need to update our pound-for-pound top 20, and I'm just not a fan of doing one that's all my opinion, and I'm not sure how many ballots I can get filled out in a reasonable amount of time. I'm thinking we have three right now, but I want more. In fact, I want many.

Here's the deal, though: we're trying to take it fairly seriously and present a good top 20, so don't vote if you are going to try to scam it to get your favorite fighter near the top or something of that nature. Do vote if you really want to -- I don't consider myself any great expert, as I've said before, just a big fan. So if you're a fight fan and your initial thought is, "Well, I don't know enough," then forget about that, because you probably do know plenty enough.

BLH is designed to have lots of interaction between our bloggers and our readers, up to the point that we want to have you guys blogging along with us in the FanPosts (so get on more of those!).

Now, I really want everyone that stops by regularly (or you, if you just happened to stumble along here) to get a ballot in.

Here's how it works:

  1. Fill out your top 20.
  2. Put one paragraph or so (a little less, a little more) by as many fighters as you want. You can do all 20 of your guys, 10 of them, 15, 12, 8, 3, 1, or 0. Comments are encouraged, but not necessary. If you're not super with writing, don't worry, we'll clean it up and edit it for you without changing your thoughts.
  3. E-mail your list to me. My e-mail link can be found on the bottom of the site, or in my SBN profile.
  4. Make sure you let me know what your username is so I know who I'm crediting when we post the final tally. Also, if you want your real name posted, indicate if you just want first name, or if you want first and last. Only your username is really required.
  5. Additionally, if you have a blog of your own or something like that that you want linked with your name credit, let me know and I'll be more than happy to do so.
An example of the ballot would look something like this:

1. Little Mac: Despite his very small frame, has repeatedly conquered much larger men over the course of his championship career. You cannot take lightly the contributions of Doc, either.

2. Mike Tyson: Lightning-fast combinations and brutal speed make him the most dangerous fighter around.

3. Piston Honda: Highly underrated, in my opinion. Gets a bit predictable thanks to his eyebrows, but the raw talent is there.

4. Soda Popinski: Though you might question his training habits, he comes to fight and has had a pretty great career. Attitude has always been the only real knock on him.

And so on. You can write more than that, obviously. If you want a primer on the sort of length we generally do for the list, you can look back at our last P4P Top 20 -- you can also see why it badly needs an update.'

Do your patriotic chore, everyone. Get voting!

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