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Mondays with Boxers: September 1, 2008

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Here's a new weekly feature that I'll be doing every Monday, which is just a collection of recent quotes, from the absurd to the silly to the smack talkin' to the insightful. Enjoy.

Juan_manuel_marquez_240x230_20061123_medium JUAN MANUEL MARQUEZ, YOUNG HOPEFUL

"As a promoter, we are going to open doors to young Mexicans who strive to be world champions, like Juan Manuel Marquez." -- Oscar de la Hoya, on the 35-year old Marquez and his thirst to rise to the top at such a young age (Boxing Scene)

"In reality, I should have two victories on my record over Pacquiao." -- Juan Manuel Marquez, on why an Oscar win over Pacquiao would not be "avenging" his losses (Boxing Scene)

"I'm putting my career on the line (against Joel Casamayor). I have to win this fight, because a loss would throw away everything I've done over the course of my career." -- Marquez, on his upcoming fight against lightweight champion Joel Casamayor

"I am not going to fall for the plan of Casamayor and chase him all over the ring. I am going to cut off the ring, and the people are going to see a great fight." -- Marquez

"If (Casamayor) thinks that nobody can knock him out because he's evasive, he is very wrong." -- Marquez (Boxing Scene)

"It is going to be a war between two legends but one of us will be finished after this and I know I'm going to retire Juan Manuel Marquez on September 13." -- Casamayor, who hasn't been as outspoken as many might expect (HBO)


"I was throwing my punches with lots of speed and power and it was all coming together nicely when I let go a big right hand to finish and the next thing I know is my trainer is on the floor in agony." -- Colombian Breidis Prescott, who fights Amir Khan on September 6 in Manchester (Sporting Life)

"We took him straight to hospital and the doctor said he has a fracture in his middle finger bone. It's not good because he was due to fly with me to England but will now come in later this week. I have my other trainer with me working on the pads until the fight with Khan. This just shows the power I have and what I will do to Khan." -- Prescott

"In Colombia you've got to go through gangs shooting at each other just to get into the gym and train and then you have to get home. I've had to learn boxing the hard way. Has Khan ever seen anything like this? Khan gets paid a fortune and lives a life of luxury in the UK, and I will prove that he is nothing but a pampered baby." -- Prescott (Telegraph)

"This is my chance to make a name for myself and give my family a better chance in life. Khan is just a name with a big dollar sign next to it, if I beat him then I'm the man who beat Amir Khan and I'll go on to challenge for the world title." -- Prescott

"I have been struggling to get big fights because of my record (19-0, 17 KO). The name Khan was mentioned and I said yes straight away - he is just a boy to me." -- Prescott (Mirror)


"I am a consultant with Elite XC. I speak to new CEO Chuck Champion a few times a week. They ask my opinions, I give them. I still like the sport, I think it's exciting, it has room to grow, and I think the company could be viable." -- promoter Gary Shaw, who has been essentially removed from MMA company EliteXC and will now re-focus on boxing (The Sweet Science)

"It's one hundred times easier to put butts in seats in MMA." -- Shaw, on the difference between promoting MMA shows and boxing shows

"I've never met (UFC head Dana White) in person. My going back and forth with him, I'll say this...I'm a promoter. Would I break bread with him? I would, if he was buying. I heard he said some things about me in Playboy. I thank him, because without Dana White, there is no way I'd ever make Playboy." -- Shaw (White once called Shaw a "bottom-feeder" who came to MMA to "leech money out of it")


"It is pure show. How is it possible that Oscar is fighting a flyweight?" -- Antonio Margarito, addressing Pacquiao-de la Hoya (Primera Hora)

"The fight is for money, because it's not for the title." -- Margarito

"I have no desire to see the fight. It sincerely does not interest me. Oscar deserves no respect." -- Margarito

"I believe you must be drunk, my friend." -- Margarito addressing the heckling brother of Daniel Santos, who has challenged Margarito to go up to 154 pounds and fight him for a third time


"I thought I won the fight. I don't know what was going on with the scorecards." -- American John Ruiz, who lost a unanimous decision to new WBA heavyweight titleholder Nikolai Valuev in Germany (AP)

"I really thought he was doing better this time than before. He improved one hundred percent, but he missed too much to win." -- Valuev (The Sweet Science)

"I felt great and thought I won. I thought I put him down (in the second), but what can you do?" -- Ruiz

"I want to fight John Ruiz again." -- Valuev, answering the question of what was next for his career

"Sure I'd be willing to fight him again, even in Germany. I love it here, even though the scoring got me again. What can I do but keep trying?" -- Ruiz, ignoring the option to retire


"Respect is what it is, and I'm not a guy that's in denial of what Kelly Pavlik has achieved." -- Bernard Hopkins, continuing his oddly good behavior (

"Reporters asked me why I was being nice, and [said] 'This isn't you. Why are you giving Kelly respect?' Well, a good general always respects his enemy." -- Hopkins

"I like fighting the best fighters in the world. 'Bernard is a legendary fighter, and for me to go into our fight and not only beat him but beat him convincingly, that would probably be the biggest accomplishment you could have in your boxing career." -- Kelly Pavlik

"It's great the support that you have for Kelly. I ask just one thing. Kelly is such an outstanding fighter and such a great young man, carry the support for him even after the fight." -- Hopkins trainer Nazim Richardson

"It's a no-brainer. Bernard will go down as one of the greatest middleweights and greatest fighters of all time. But there comes that time when every dog has to be put down. His time is over, and we have the best middleweight champ and the best fighter in the world in Kelly Pavlik." -- Pavlik trainer Jack Loew

"I'm a 20-year veteran, and I'm old-school. I've been fighting promoters and everybody else all my life. I've stood up against all the big guys. That's why all the guys in hard hats love B-Hop." -- Hopkins (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

"Kelly is a true fighter. He won the title the right way, by knocking the guy out. There was no controversy." -- Hopkins, who hasn't won a fight by KO since 2004


"People wanted us to take a tune-up. Tune-ups scare the hell out of me. The guy you're fighting doesn't think he's a tune-up, and he's going to go all out to beat you. Katsidis considers himself a bully, another Gatti. Well the way to beat a bully is to take the bully out of him, and that's what Juan is going to do. He's going to fight fire with fire." -- Willie Savannah, manager of Juan Diaz (HBO)

"I go after the best fighter. It doesn't matter who it is. When Mayweather was on top before he retired, I wanted him. Margarito is the best welterweight out there right now, so I want Margarito." -- Shane Mosley, giving a hint at what might be next should he beat Mayorga later this month (Doghouse Boxing)

"And as for the first fight, I'm going to take a mulligan and we will see how the next one turns out. That's right. A mulligan on that one and I'm going to straighten it out and get everything right the second fight." -- Vernon Forrest on his rematch with Sergio Mora (ESPN)

"Go to sleep, Manny." -- Bob Arum ending the Pacquiao-de la Hoya conference call (Pacquiao participated in the call at 2:30am local time) (Boxing Talk)