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Margarito-Cotto II targeted for June '09

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Alg_cotto-margarito_medium WBA welterweight titleholder Antonio Margarito and the man he defeated, Miguel Cotto, gave us one of 2008's best fights, a grueling battle that lived up to the hype and concluded in one of the most dramatic fashions possible, as Cotto crumbled under the relentless assault of the challenger.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum, who handles both fighters, is looking at a rematch in June 2009 as part two of a plan to keep his fighters busy and sell them to the public once more, which shouldn't be too hard.

First, the pair will co-headline what would be a two-city HBO doubleheader, says Arum, and if both come away as winners and without any injuries, they will hook up again in the States for a pay-per-view rematch. Cotto would fight first in his native Puerto Rico, while Margarito would take to the ring in Los Angeles. No opponents have been named.

As for the PPV rematch, Arum says that fight could land in Las Vegas (home of their first epic), Atlantic City, or New York. Cotto has a tremendous fanbase in New York City and did excellent business at the gate with Shane Mosley at Madison Square Garden in 2007.

If Margarito and Cotto both win those fights, the rematch is both a natural and will be very, very welcome. The first fight was outstanding, and if Cotto came to fight more like he usually does, they might be able to top the first fight.

In the same Primera Hora article, Arum indicates that if Juan Manuel Lopez gets through his first 122-pound title defense in October healthy enough, he will be on the Pacquiao-de la Hoya undercard in December.