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Mayweather sued for $8.5 million

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Showmayweather_medium According to TMZ (oh, how I've longed to say that!), a Florida developer is suing ex-pound-for-pound ruler Floyd Mayweather, Jr., for $8.5 million.

Check the document yourself if you want. (PDF file)

I sort of can't help but be endlessly amused at how Money May stays in the news despite being "retired," whether it's having $7 million in jewelry heisted from his crib or now this. Also, if he loses this case for the full amount and doesn't recover the jewels, that's a grand total of $15.5 million down the tube!

Someone's going to need a way to earn some money, and I can't imagine that "The Surreal Life" pays much compared to a fight or a rematch with The Big Show.

Or maybe Floyd could drop an album. All the auto-tune vocals might make that viable. He could hook up with T-Pain and Lil Wayne. ("T-Wayne," as they've creatively titled their clever and timely partnership.)

I can't wait to find out what's next for Floyd.