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Haye keeps his word, challenges big opponent (I'm lying)

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David_haye_200801_ap_medium Source: Boxing Scene

Remember all that talk from the Haye camp that their man would challenge a top 10 opponent in his jump-slash-return to the heavyweight division?

Well, looks like he's working on fighting a massive name and a true danger in his "first" fight past cruiser. Boxing Scene is reporting that Haye has laid out of an offer to American Kevin Johnson, who fought and knocked out dinosaur Bruce Seldon in Atlantic City last Friday.

This reeks, honestly. Johnson hasn't accepted the fight, Boxing Scene says, and may have issues with fighting overseas without American TV backing.

Personally, I think this is a pretty transparent move by Haye. There has been talk of Oleg Maskaev since this jump became official, and even though Maskaev is past his prime, at least he's a legit heavy with a punch. Johnson is not a bad fighter, but he has no punch and wouldn't be able to put any fear into Haye, at least not on paper. It'd be an easy transition fight.

It would also be smart! Frankly, there'd be no issue with this idea to fight Johnson if it weren't for Haye and Co. insisting that the November fight was going to be against a "top 10 heavyweight." If you say that, you kind of have to deliver.

Although, I'm sure Johnson is ranked in some bogus top ten out there, so maybe that's all he meant. Maybe he's right.

Ah, who cares? If David fights Johnson and wins, he'll move up soon enough.