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Golden Boy to work with MMA company Affliction

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The above video is just Oscar recently talking about mixed martial arts and hinting that Golden Boy Promotions might be interested in getting into the MMA business sometime in the near future. A tip of the cap to Bloody Elbow's Nick Thomas on this one.

And now, on the most recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Observer editor and Yahoo! Sports MMA analyst Dave Meltzer reported that Golden Boy would be working with fledgling, big-money MMA outfit Affliction, makers of all those totally rad t-shirts you see every bro wearing when you go out. Those dudes all go to the bathroom together like a pack of college girls.

Ah, but I jest. Sure, those shirts are kind of dorky in their over-masculinity, but Affliction's first PPV was a fair success, and they've got some good fighters. If Golden Boy, which will help big with production of the shows, can succeed in helping the company, they could be a serious, long-term player.

It's interesting, and it's really rather inevitable that boxing promoters and promotional companies will try to get their hands in the MMA money jar.