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Arthur subtly hints at desire to fight Cook again

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52992bf7b15d9034feb2469139891e82-getty-boxing-wbo-super-featherweight-arthur-cook_mediumFrom Setanta Sports:

"I think that myself and Nicky are normal boxers. We haven’t got entourages and we go about our boxing in the right way," he told Bunce on Setanta Sports News.

"I think British boxing deserves myself and Nicky Cook to put on a Nigel Benn-Chris Eubank scenario. I think we should fight each other two or three times.

"I didn’t need to fight Nicky but I thought it would be good to go to England and fight Englishman.

"I could have picked another opponent but I gave Nicky a great chance. So, I hope that Nicky’s a man and he turns around and gives me the chance. I think we can really capture the public’s imagination by having a trilogy.


"I think me and Nicky should have a rematch before the year is out. It would sell. I know that in Scotland it would be massive."

Hear that, Nicky? You guys are totally alike, and in a good way. You're both way down to earth. The public DESERVES this! Frankly, hell, it could be a trilogy! And given the classic (???) nature of your first encounter, perhaps even the greatest trilogy of all times!

Listen. Nicky. Mr. Arthur didn't NEED to fight you the first time. He really didn't. He could have picked literally anybody. But he thought you seemed nice. And down to earth, just like him. You guys both have no friends and do things "the right way." D'you know what I mean?

He gave you a great chance. Think about it. You're a world champion now! Also, if you don't sign off on a rematch, your manhood will be questioned. Because that's the way of the world. Hey, listen. I don't make the rules here. The public not only deserves this fight -- they NEED it.

You know where it would be big? Scotland. Hey, he came to England!