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Weighty issues: Guzman fails, Mora struggles

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B5c86c4c7ef0e926c797b358c19a8970-getty-82744813em001_casamayor_v_m_medium Joan Guzman failed to make weight for tonight's fight against Nate Campbell, meaning that the bout will not be for any of Campbell's three lightweight titles. Guzman was a full 3 1/2 pounds over the 135-pound limit. It's surprising given how much he's talked about his conditioning during training camp, and also considering that this is his first time jumping up to 135.

It also takes a lot of zeal out of the fight, and Campbell should be given credit for going forward at a disadvantage. It's the exact weight differential that got Diego Corrales blown up by Jose Luis Castillo in their second fight, when Castillo failed to make weight and Corrales fought him anyway.

The other Saturday night card had its own issues, with WBC junior middleweight titlist Sergio Mora initially failing to make weight, tipping the scales at 156 pounds, two over the division's limit. A second try got him down to 154, though, and the rematch with Vernon Forrest will go on for the title as scheduled. It'll be interesting to see if this time, Mora is the one who struggles with fatigue, as Forrest did in their first fight.

No worries about the Golden Boy main event, though. Both Joel Casamayor and Juan Manuel Marquez (pictured above) weighed in at 135 pounds. They also got into a shouting match, started by the always-outspoken Casamayor.