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Final notes: Casamayor-Marquez, Campbell-Guzman, Mora-Forrest, undercards

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A reminder: we'll be here tonight at 9pm with live, round-by-round coverage of the Casamayor-Marquez pay-per-view from Las Vegas. If Comcast goes screwy (you may notice this is a constant concern of mine for pay-per-views), then we'll cover Campbell-Guzman and Bradley-Cherry instead. Either way, we'll be here talking boxing tonight.


How about some fight day quotes and final picks? Yeah, why not!

"Joel Casamayor is one of the best 135-pounders. I'm going to prove it to the people and I'm going to prove it to myself that I can do better things in higher divisions. And, obviously, if I get the victory in this fight I'm going to prove it. I'm going to keep proving that I'm good in any division." -- Juan Manuel Marquez (ESPN)

"Manny Pacquiao fought David Diaz. He was a champion, yes, but not a top fighter in the 135-pound division. But I'm going to prove it. I'm going to prove it to myself. I'm going to prove it to the people that I'm the best 135-pounder out there." -- Marquez

"I'm looking at as if I have no next opponent. I only got one and that's Marquez, because I know if we don't get [past] Marquez, there is no next fight. So, there's only Juan Manuel Marquez on my mind. I'm focused for him. After that, we can see. I leave it up to my promoters at Golden Boy and I keep letting them move me however they want to. But I'll tell you one thing, I'd like the chance at Pacquiao." -- Joel Casamayor

"It's going to be a great fight because Juan is a great fighter and everyone knows I'm a great fighter. And not only is Juan a fighter but he's also smart in the ring just like me. It's going to be a challenge, its going to be a great challenge." -- Casamayor (ESPN)

Time for picks. Who you got?

Casamayor v. Marquez: I've already gone on record as saying that I'm picking Casamayor via tight decision. One thing I didn't mention is the X-factor in Casamayor's game, which is that he's always willing to get dirty if he feels he has to. Marquez is a fiery fighter and might not respond to some of Casa's potential tactics very well. Still, I've given it more thought and I'm still favoring Casamayor to surprise a lot of people and push on to another big, probably hotly-debated points victory. Casamayor

Mora v. Forrest II: The news that Sergio Mora needed to weigh in twice to drop two pounds and make the 154-pound limit worries me, as I initially was picking him but now have to strongly consider what role his conditioning will play. If Mora loses this fight because he doesn't have enough gas to stay busy and neutralize Forrest's more well-rounded game (even at 37, Forrest has more tools and weapons than Sergio will ever have), it'll be yet another blunder in his career that will take money out of his pocket. I'm hoping this isn't a close Forrest decision, because then these two will probably hook up for a rubber match. But that's now exactly what I'm fearing the most. Forrest

Garcia v. Perez and Ortiz v. Arrieta: Both of these fights should be one-sided affairs, poorly suited for a card that costs the boxing consumer 45 bucks. Give me both of the favorites by knockout, but I won't be shocked if Danny Perez beats Julio Garcia, who slipped badly against Troy Browning. Garcia and Ortiz

Campbell v. Guzman: If you missed it, this is now a non-title fight, as Guzman has failed to make weight by three-and-a-half pounds. I don't think this will hurt Guzman since he didn't attempt to cut down to 135; rather, it just makes him stronger. I already favored him to outbox Campbell down the stretch, and now I just think it's more likely. Guzman

Bradley v. Cherry: The last time we saw Edner Cherry take on a top-ranked 140-pounder, he was shut out by Paulie Malignaggi. The last time we saw Timothy Bradley, he stunned Junior Witter on the ex-titleholder's turf. Bradley is now the defending WBC junior welterweight titlist, and this is his first defense. Cherry is a very game fighter and his record is a bit misleading, as he's better than his W-L tally. But he's also a natural 135-pounder who's taking this fight because it's a great opportunity for his career. I like Cherry, but Bradley should rout him. Bradley