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Arce wins another war, stops Concepcion

1f52679b226b07866bd59a55a9a67775-getty-boxing-mexico-panama-arce-concepcion_medium Jorge Arce stopped Rafael Concepcion after nine rounds tonight in Mexico City, winning the WBA's interim 115-pound title in an outstanding, dramatic slugfest at Arena Mexico that should be seen by every fight fan. It'll surely pop up on YouTube or something soon.

Arce started the fight strong, imposing his will on the smaller Concepcion, but the game Panamanian fought back to win the third round and absolutely dominate the fourth, sending Arce stumbling around the ring for the majority of the three minutes. It was amazing that Arce stayed up through that round, and his legs looked bad for a couple more after that.

But Arce did what he does -- fight -- and used his power and size advantage to send Concepcion on the defensive. Flurry after flurry with Concepcion pinned against the ropes had Arce racking up points, and he took over for good in the eighth, his own totally one-sided round. The ninth was another Arce round, and after the bell sounded to end it, a battered, worn-out Concepcion retired from the bout.

Hats off to both men for this fight, which was superb and a whole hell of a lot of fun. This was definitely one for the year-end top 20 -- hell, it's one for the year-end top 10 (that's off the top of my head). Excellent stuff, and well worth staying up late.

The massive crowd at Arena Mexico deserves their own round of applause. They were wonderful.

Just another reminder that every Jorge Arce fight is worth watching, really. Rafael Concepcion proved himself to be more than a one-knockout wonder, too. How he managed to stay up under those barrages from Arce is beyond me, and had me in awe a few times.

What a fight this was. Again, track it down if you missed it tonight. You won't be sorry. If you like a good brawl, then this is for you.

On the undercard, Jorge Solis scored a fourth round TKO over Jorge Samudio in a short, sweet, entertaining affair. Nothing special, but nothing much wrong with it, either.