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Arizona police officer critically injured in charity boxing fight

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114926_medium Source: KTAR

An Arizona police officer was critically injured when participating in a charity boxing tournament that matched policemen and firefighters, run by local businesses.

22-year old Barry Scott collapsed at Fort McDowell Casino and was taken to a local hospital after his fight. Scott joined the force in 2007 following tours of duty in Iraq. He is married and the father of an infant, according to KTAR.

This is yet another reminder that boxing is hardly an easy or safe sport, and that the sport we watch is very, very dangerous to its competitors. While Scott is no professional, neither was the man he fought. It's enough to make you wonder if untrained fighters should ever be fighting in the first place, for charity or not. This isn't basketball, you know? People get hurt more than pulled groins and tweaking shoulder joints.

Bad Left Hook hopes for a full and speedy recovery for Mr. Scott, and sends our best wishes to his loved ones.