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Chris Mannix strikes again!

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Chris_mannix_medium Next to Chris Mannix and his Sports Illustrated "Inside Boxing" column, Kevin Iole seems like Bert Sugar.

He's at it again, with more factually inaccurate crap and just plain ol' crap that got past the SI editors once more. See for yourself.

According to Quintana, Marquez has shifted his attention to Hatton, the reigning IBF and IBO light welterweight champion.

1. Paulie Malignaggi is the IBF titlist.

2. The IBO title means nothing.

But at 140 pounds, Hatton is a dangerous fighter. He has tremendous punching power (31 of his 44 wins have come by knockout) and would test Marquez's chin, which has been considered suspect in previous fights.

I would not categorize Hatton any longer as having "tremendous" punching power. He barely dented Juan Lazcano in May and did nothing to Mayweather. He did put Jose Luis Castillo down, but Castillo was finished going into that fight. Prior to Castillo, the last time Hatton won by knockout was against Carlos Maussa in 2005.

I've gotten a few angry emails for my sharp criticisms of Joe Calzaghe's recent opponents last week -- not so much in defense of Calzaghe, but of his most recent opponent, Bernard Hopkins, who Calzaghe out pointed last April. Come on. Is it even arguable that Hopkins is past his prime? B-Hop is 2-3 in his last five fights and looks to me like he is fighting less to win and more not to get KO'd. I don't want to see that kind of fighter in a marquee fight.

I like that he considers his own criticisms "sharp." Actually they were rather dull. Anyway, is it even arguable that Hopkins wasn't one of the ten best pound-for-pound fighters on the planet when he fought Calzaghe?

Junior welterweight prospect Victor Ortiz is going to headline a pay-per-view. Soon.

I wish to wager cash dollars on this. Six paragraphs prior to this statement, Mannix expresses distaste for the idea (his own created idea) that Winky Wright would fight on pay-per-view in early 2009. Now he wants to pay money for Victor Ortiz. I agree that Ortiz is exciting, but if he fought anyone whose name could carry a pay-per-view soon, he'd get creamed. Wright has some name value and can attract a bigger opponent. This is HARD.

One more note on De La Hoya's trainer: If I were to pick a dark horse, it would be Teddy Atlas. Atlas has been operating exclusively as a broadcaster recently, but Mike Tyson's former mentor knows a thing or two about turning a boxing match into a street fight. And to put Pacquiao down, that's exactly what De La Hoya needs to do.

Ladies and germs, we are missing a cake. Chris Mannix has taken it. Let's ignore that Atlas has not trained anyone in many years, and that he has expressed zero interest in training anyone ever again. There's also the fact that, honestly -- and I really like Teddy Atlas as a commentator, he's brilliant -- Teddy wasn't that great of a trainer even when he was active. Which, again, he hasn't been for several years. If I were to pick a darkhorse to train Oscar de la Hoya, Atlas would be about 40th on my list.