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Hatton doesn't care about IBF belt

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610x_medium Ricky Hatton has weighed in on the IBF threatening to not sanction his November 22 bout with IBF junior welterweight titlist Paulie Malignaggi.

"I couldn’t give two hoots about the belt," said Hatton. "I have won five world titles so does six make any difference? Malignaggi and I are the top light-welterweights around so why should we bother chasing the IBF?"

Good for you, Ricky. And good for Paulie if he's on the same page, which he no doubt is if only for the fact that fighting Hatton will give him his biggest payday to date, by far.

The IBF, of course, wants Malignaggi to fight Herman Ngoudjo, which he already did. I think the fight was competitive enough that a rematch would be as warranted as any, really. The IBF also wants Hatton to fight Ngoudjo should Hatton win the title, potentially, and Hatton, as you might expect, has no interest.

Like I said when this story first came up, Hatton has twice vacated the IBF's 140-pound title when he didn't feel like fighting mandatory challengers, and instead chose to go after different fights (Luis Collazo at welterweight, Jose Luis Castillo last year). When he says he doesn't care about the title, I believe him.

If only more fighters didn't care about these purse-stealing trinkets. I understand the appeal of being "world champion," but when there are so many different versions and the majority are meaningless, is it really what they imagined when they were first training to box?