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Oscar Diaz out of two-month coma

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555diazoscar042905mao1_medium 25-year old San Antonio fighter Oscar Diaz awoke from his two-month coma yesterday, reports San Antonio's WOAI-NBC.

Diaz collapsed in the corner with a horrifying grunt during his ESPN2 fight with Delvin Rodriguez on July 16, as you probably recall, and after being rushed to the hospital and having emergency surgery perfomed, he went into a coma and remained in that state for eight weeks.

It's wonderful to hear that Diaz has come out of the coma, and will be awake to celebrate his 26th birthday, coming on September 29. Though I'd say we certainly won't see the valiant young Diaz in a pro ring again, that was obviously not the chief concern. Bad Left Hook again sends our best wishes to Oscar, his family and friends, and hopes for a full and successful recovery.