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Malignaggi vacates, IBF orders Ngoudjo-Urango

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340x_mediumPaulie Malignaggi has decided to vacate the IBF junior welterweight title, and the IBF has decided to fill their vacancy with a title bout between mandatory challenger Herman Ngoudjo and Juan Urango, which I must say is perfectly acceptable.

It is interesting that the title is being vacated by Malignaggi, who beat Ngoudjo earlier this year, so that "The Magic Man" can fight Ricky Hatton, who is the only man to defeat Urango.

Urango (20-1-1, 16 KO) has won three straight since his January 2007 loss to Hatton, though one of those wins has come against classic journeyman can Marty Robbins (not this guy - that, by the way, is one of the finest albums ever recorded).

Since his January '08 stumble against Malignaggi, Ngoudjo (17-2, 9 KO) has fought just once, beating Souleymane M'baye in June.

I like the fight, because I think both guys are solid and competitive, if not quite world-class, elite-level fighters. If Ngoudjo can make it a boxing match, it's his fight to lose. If Urango can slow it down and make it about power shots, he has a good chance at winning, as Ngoudjo's power has been suspect against good opponents and Urango is very, very sturdy.

No word on where or when the fight will be, but the two promotional companies representing the fighters have until October 18 to reach a deal, or it goes to a purse bid.