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David Haye: Talking the talk, but will he walk the walk?

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David-haye_280x390_477342a_medium You know what I like about David Haye?

He fights. He flat-out fights. I'm not saying that the cruiserweight world champion has no boxing skills, or that he's not a great athlete, because he has some and he is. But we all know that David Haye is at his most effective when he's at his most destructive, winging bombs and making his opponents fight from their back foot.

Ask Enzo Maccarinelli, who was overwhelmed by Haye's power in a thunderous, quick conclusion this past March.

So Haye wants to move to heavyweight. He wants Wladimir Klitschko, and word now is that he wants him ASAP.

Could the Wladimir-Haye talk be accelerated because Haye is having trouble finding a heavyweight opponent? Maybe.

But, let's be serious here, too, and let's be honest. David Haye is not doing all he can to make a heavyweight fight for November.

When this first became "official," Haye's re-jump to the heavy ranks, the Londoner said he'd be taking on a top ten opponent. Now, truthfully, that "top ten" idea is very open to interpretation.

Yet here we are in late September, and there's still no opponent for Haye.

Talk of Hasim Rahman died on the vine with little progress at best. Feather-fisted American "prospect" Kevin Johnson says he would have been happy to take the fight, but now claims Haye has backed out. If Haye did, it was probably because Johnson has no name and means no money.

Then they approached J.D. Chapman, a 25-year old American with a 29-0 (26) record. Chapman has yet to be tested at all, and despite his excellent knockout rate, the idea was immediately and heavily criticized by the boxing media. Rightfully so, too. From "top ten" to unknown and untested? Quite a step down for your rumors.

Now, though, sources are saying that Golden Boy and Haye have narrowed it down to two potential opponents: Eddie Chambers and Monte Barrett. Thankfully, the Haye camp didn't bite on 47-year old Ray Mercer's trash talk, having the common sense to realize that a public execution of an old man would not be attractive to a whole lot people.

Both ideas are fairly interesting. Barrett is coming off of a complete ripping of Tye Fields, but let's also not forget that this is the same "Two Gunz" that has always failed to beat top opponents, and that at his age, it's unlikely he could handle a punch like Haye's.

Chambers? I like that idea. Eddie can box, he can play defense, and he might be able to slow Haye down enough to make him work harder than just bombing away. But Eddie's problems are very real, and killed him in his loss to Alexander Povetkin.

Still, Chambers would be a very nice "first" heavyweight opponent for Haye, so here's hoping that's what gets settled. He's not only a legit fighter, but he's got a legit chance at beating Haye.

Come on, David, walk the walk.