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It stunk while it lasted: Khan fires Rubio

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R1742652844_medium Source: Times Online

Amir Khan has fired trainer Jorge Rubio, the famed Cuban amateur trainer hired to replace Oliver Harrison, a professional relationship that lasted all of one fight. And what a fight it was.

Immediately after the 54-second knockout loss to Breidis Prescott, talk of Rubio being replaced was bandied about. Promoter Frank Warren and others seemed to nip and hint at the idea that it was the new trainer's fault that Khan lost, but personally, I think that's overlooking the real problem.

At the same time, sure, you do whatever you can to try to get the most from Khan. But the point is, Khan's chin is glass. His beard is weird. Ohhhh, it's bad.

Amir will now go work out with Freddie Roach, as Roach (who says he hasn't seen the fight) believes that being around Manny Pacquiao would be good for Khan. Sure, why not?

Sure. Sure, sure, sure.

Look, no trainer is going to make Amir Khan better able to take a punch. Blaming Jorge Rubio for the knockout against Prescott is sort of like the golfer that blames his clubs for his bad left hook (!). The problem ain't the equiptment, it's the guy using it.

Amir Khan could receive the best training in the history of man, and Breidis Prescott would knock him out if he hits him clean, and most likely, Khan is always going to get hit clean. He has no whiskers. It's not going to work.

But again, yeah, you try. Good luck.