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Amir Khan hires Freddie Roach for comeback effort

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12_28_2006_freddie-roach_medium Source: The Guardian

When Amir Khan left Oliver Harrison after 18 pro fights, all wins, 14 by knockout, it was a curious decision. When he replaced him with famed Cuban amateur trainer Jorge Rubio, questions came from all angles. What did Rubio know about the pro game, really? What would Khan learn from an amateur trainer?

In his one fight under Rubio's direction, Khan lasted 54 seconds before being knocked out. Now, with the chinny Khan, it was simply bound to happen, probably, and blaming Rubio, as I've said before, is stupid. But someone has to be blamed. When a baseball team falls apart, the manager goes, followed by the general manager. You can't fire the players, really.

So despite that this is Amir Khan's problem, not Rubio's, it was the trainer who needed to hit the bricks.

Today, reports come back that Khan has hired famed American trainer Freddie Roach. It's about as good a move as he could have made, probably, though I think if I were Khan I would have tried to work with Roger or Floyd Mayweather, who specialize in defense, which is what Khan needs.

Roach is the man responsible for turning Manny Pacquiao into a Hall of Fame-bound champion, taking a raw young slugger and turning him into a well-rounded boxer. He is the man behind junior featherweight champion Israel Vazquez. And despite that both men lost their fights under his tutelage, Roach was the trainer employed by Oscar de la Hoya and Bernard Hopkins when those two needed someone new in the corner.

Roach and Khan will supposedly work together for Khan's next fight, which is tentatively scheduled for December 6. I wouldn't expect Freddie in Khan's corner that night, since that's the same date as Pacquiao-Oscar, but just doing a camp with Roach could be a first step for now. Besides, Khan will no doubt be fed a softie upon return.