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Roy Jones, Jr., not looking to stop after November

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N19p13_roy_jones_jr_mediumThink every aging fighter is talking retirement? Think again. Roy Jones, Jr., is thinking about 2009 as he prepares to face Joe Calzaghe on November 8.

According to, Jones would love to face the winner of Pavlik-Hopkins or the winner of Dawson-Tarver, should he get by Calzaghe.

The 39-year old Jones should be a heavy underdog against Calzaghe, 36, when they meet on November 8. A lot of folks are talking like Roy has a great shot to beat Calzaghe, but I just don't see it. Calzaghe has been top five in the pound-for-pound for years now, and currently has a fair claim at being the man in the P4P ranks.

Meanwhile, Jones hasn't been a serious contender in ages, it seems, and hasn't won a fight against a top opponent since beating Antonio Tarver in 2003, a loss that Tarver twice avenged, and a win that many didn't think Jones deserved, period.

Roy's career has still not rebounded since he jumped to heavyweight and beat John Ruiz in March '03. In that same timeframe, Calzaghe has gone 10-0 and become a legitimate, global superstar.

He's younger. He's fresher. I'll guarantee he's faster. Though Joe isn't a big puncher, it's been a long time since Roy has seen fists flying at him the way Calzaghe can open up offensively.

Still, I think it's great that Roy isn't looking at the Calzaghe fight as a payday or way to pad his record, which it seems Joe is doing. Jones is looking at this as a way to make a couple more big fights. Good for him. He clearly still cares about boxing, his reputation, and his career, and that's refreshing.