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The Wednesday Knockout: Tommy Morrison v. Art Tucker

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Since Tommy Morrison has been featured the last couple of weeks as the victim of the Wednesday Knockout, I thought it was only fair to show him wailing away on some unfortunate sap this week.

Tommy has said plenty of things in his life that I have some real trouble accepting or dealing with (look it up, if you're that interested), but as a fighter, he was a lot of fun. He had a vicious left hook, as you can see on full display in this 1992 fight with Art Tucker.

Morrison came in at 31-1, with Tucker at 20-3-1. Tucker was no big deal, a guy that lost to the best fighters he faced (Tim Witherspoon and Riddick Bowe). But he wasn't the only guy that met this fate at the vicious left hook of Morrison:

Whether or not I like what Morrison has to say about various subjects, he was hardly a bum. His power was lethal, and he always came to mix it up. The heavyweight division could use more fighters like him these days.