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Israel Vazquez not committed to fourth Marquez fight

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Vazquezmarqueziii12_medium Forget what you may have heard -- Israel Vazquez and his team sent out a press release to deny that Vazquez is set for a fourth fight with rival Rafael Marquez.

The junior featherweight champion also did not rule out a fourth fight, saying that he is just beginning to get back into the gym, and hasn't even gotten back into sparring yet. He took the summer off, as he deserved, to spend time with family and friends, and simply relax and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

If any fighter deserved a summer off, it was Vazquez. Hell, if any two fighters deserved a summer off, they were Vazquez and Marquez.

At first I thought I was against the idea of a fourth fight, but who else is there, really? Juan Manuel Lopez will be around a while, Daniel Ponce de Leon would get blown out by either man (in my view, of course), and Celestino Caballero and Steve Molitor simply don't offer the financial gains that a fourth fight between these two unreal warriors could bring.

Put simply, they remain the best possible opponent for one another.

While it may be a mild disappointment to learn that no fourth fight has been agreed to, it's good to hear that Izzy is back in the gym, working out, and looking forward to moving on with his career. Whenever he gets back in the ring, it'll be a gift to boxing fans the world over.