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Ricardo Mayorga talking more, wants Oscar again

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Source: Associated Press

Oh, man. Mayorga hasn't talked quite as much as usual, but this is some classic stuff:

"I've been in training camp for about three months," he said. "We have enough talent and enough skills to win this fight easily. I would make (my conditioning) equivalent to when I won my first title against Six Hands Lewis."


"(Mosley) is going to be fighting with his laundry at home. I'm going to be fighting for a world title," Mayorga said when asked to look beyond this bout.


"Obviously, Oscar's been a thorn in my side," Mayorga said. "Oscar's definitely on the hit list. I want to fight De La Hoya. Let him retire fighting a true super welterweight or middleweight. How's he going to retire fighting a featherweight? After I beat up his dad (Mosley), who beat him twice, I want another opportunity."

Mayorga is just ridiculous. He goes on to say that Mosley "no longer has the speed nor the conditioning" that he had before losing twice to Vernon Forrest -- six years ago.

Now, look, is Mosley as fast as he used to be? Nah, but he's still fast. And conditioning? MAYORGA is questioning conditioning?

See, now, this is the kind of moronic trash talking I can get behind. Mayorga is hilarious in his silly B.S., and even when questioning the skills of his opponents, he comes off more as a comedian than anything else.

Man. Mayorga's gonna get smoked this Saturday.