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Mayweather, Jr., robbed of $7 million in jewels

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Floydma_medium Source: KVBC Las Vegas

Former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s home in Las Vegas was burglarized recently, and the thieves made off with a reported $7 million worth of jewelry from the home.

Mayweather is currently offering a $100,000 cash reward for anyone with information that leads to the return of the stolen goods.

There are lots of tacky jokes to be made, and I'd love to make them, but in all candor I think Floyd's a good dude and no matter who you are, your home being broken into a scary, scary thing. I recall an episode of The Golden Girls, after said Golden Girls were robbed, and Rose drove herself mad with fear, nearly shooting one of that tramp Blanche's dates when they entered the home late one night.

I also think it's worth noting that these must have been either incredibly good or incredibly desperate burglars, because I'm not sure the home of a world champion boxer is one I'd try to rob, even if I was a good, professional thief. Which I am not, for the record.

Really, it's very lucky that nobody was home during the heist, because that's when these things go really ugly. I'm happy to hear Floyd and family are safe, if without much bling. (Although, with the amount of money he spends on that stuff, how many pieces amount to $7 million?)

I also have to consider this about the burglars: was it Ocean's Eleven? Twelve? Thirteen? With Frank Catten passed on, this seems unlikely. Who cards? Frank was not the most vital member of the operation, was he?

And what drives a Las Vegas person or Las Vegas persons to this sort of life? Is it the boredom of living in Vegas? This is where that city could really use some nightclubs. If these hooligans had some boobies to look at, overpriced Sam Adams to drink, and music to dance to, this never would have happened. OR WOULD IT?

If you're in the area and have any information, you can call (678) 457-5858 or (404) 786-1231.