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Barrios having trouble with weight

Jorge_rodrigo_barrios_medium Super featherweight contender Jorge Barrios is having trouble making the 130-pound weight limit for his Saturday night HBO fight with Rocky Juarez, and the Juarez camp has agreed to take a payoff and allow the limit to be lifted to 133 pounds.

Barrios (47-3-1, 34 KO) is not allowed to win in over 133 pounds, though, and if he does, the fight could be called off. It precedes the highly-anticipated Diaz-Katsidis showdown on Boxing After Dark.

Barrios has had a lot of trouble since his razor-thin 2006 defeat at the hands of Joan Guzman, fighting once last year and having a fight with Juan Manuel Marquez postponed and later cancelled when he had some eye injuries. The fight with Juarez would be his first in 16 months.

I hope Barrios can make 133, because it's a fight I'm looking forward to. Rocky always fights with guts, and Barrios can go if he's 100%. It's a great show.

As an aside, for those unaware and without HBO (though how you follow boxing without HBO and Showtime in the States is a mystery to me), the network's free preview is this weekend. They picked a nice boxing weekend to showcase, I'll give them that.