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Bad Left Hook UK Fight Day: Amir Khan v. Breidis Prescott

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How about a little bonus fight coverage? We'll have the top two (we hope) for this big UK card. Right now Audley Harrison is fighting and finally turning it up with combinations late in the fight against the much, much smaller George Arias. Crowd has booed most of the fight. Fraudley is still Fraudley.


Ring Magazine No. 8 Lightweight Contender
18-0 Record 19-0
14 KO 17
Bolton, UK Hometown Barranquilla, Colombia
21 Age 25
5'11" Height 5'11"
Michael Gomez (TKO-5)
Martin Kristjansen (TKO-7)
Graham Earl (TKO-1)
Notable Wins Richard Abril (SD-10)
Notable Losses  
WBO Super Featherweight Titleholder
Ring Magazine No. 6 Super Featherweight
Ring Magazine No. 8 Featherweight
26-1 Record 28-1
19 KO 16
Edinburgh, Scotland Hometown Dagenham, UK
30 Age 28
5'9" Height 5'6 1/2"
Stephen Foster (UD-12)
Sergio Palomo (TKO-5)
Sergey Gulyakavich (TD-7)
Notable Wins Yuri Voronin (UD-12)
Dazzo Williams (KO-2)
Cyril Thomas (KO-9)
Michael Gomez (TKO-5)
Notable Losses Steven Luevano (KO-11)