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Katsidis updates: Broken hand, huge crowd, Holyfield support, Glen Hamada

Katsidis_20shiner--_20rob_20delorenzo_medium It appears as though Michael Katsidis may have suffered a broken hand in his loss to Juan Diaz on Saturday night, though this is pure speculation right now.

Trainer/manager Brendon Smith also notes that former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, in attendance Saturday night in Houston, came to the dressing to tell Katsidis that he thought he landed the cleaner punches and deserved the victory. All this tells me is that Evander Holyfield can't judge a fight, either. Do jabs suddenly not count? Jabs, as well as tons of combinations, as well as busting up your opponent, as well as landing A LOT more punches at a MUCH HIGHER connect rate?

Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix wrote an article about judge Glen Hamada's inexplicable 115-113 card for Katsidis, questioning whether judging is the most corrupted part of our beloved sport. Now, I'm not one of these schlubs that thinks fights are fixed, because I don't believe in fairy tales and I'm not big on conspiracy theories. But as much as I agree that Hamada's card was God awful and grounds for investigation on whether or not he deserves to be judging fights anymore, I had to scratch my head here:

Diaz's jab, which, according to CompuBox, connected nearly 400 times, was carving Katsidis' face from the second round on. Diaz's slashing body shots clearly took their toll as, at times, Katsidis didn't even look like he wanted to throw punches. CompuBox, which at this point seems like a reasonable alternative to human judging, had Diaz landing 296 of 801 punches (37 percent), while Katsidis landed only 149 of 868 (17 percent). Diaz landed 296 punches...nearly 400 of which (?) were jabs?

Also, big kudos to the Houston fight fans on Saturday night, who turned out in giant numbers for their hometown boys Diaz and Rocky Juarez. It was a card that deserved real attention, and it got it to the tune of 13,477 in attendance. Texas has never been great at producing butts in seats, but this was awesome. A hat tip to Golden Boy on promotion, too.