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Alex Arthur whines about loss to Nicky Cook, blames English judges

9cb734a405255f0785ff9f2947342e05-getty-boxing-wbo-super-featherweight-arthur-cook_medium Ugh, and another one.

This one's kinda good, though, since Arthur is being really bold about his claim:

"I really think that they robbed me of my title, I really do," the 30-year-old said. "It was three English judges - in England.

"A fighter knows in his heart if he has won or lost a fight and I really thought I had won.

"I could see the shock on some people's faces at ringside. I don't think a lot of them could believe it.

I had Cook winning handily, Sky Sports commentator Jim Watt had Cook winning, and it seemed pretty clear that Arthur just didn't get it done on Saturday night. But what do I know, I don't have a heart.

"I thought I was controlling the fight and it seemed that Nicky was running away in the last two rounds. He didn't want to fight.

"And at the end, he thought I had won it. He came up to me and said, 'You're a great champion, you have won the fight. Well done.'

"So I do not feel like I lost it and I am a wee bit shocked. Obviously, I would love a re-match. I don't think I will get one but I would love it."

See, now this is awesome. He's making the statement that Nicky Cook told him that he won.

Contrary to Arthur's comments, Cook felt he believed he was in front on the scorecards entering the final few rounds and was simply looking to stay out of trouble.

"I was confident that I had been slipping ahead on the judges' cards. I thought I was comfortably winning and, in the last couple of rounds, I just made sure that I boxed sensibly," he said.

And there's your response. So apparently Arthur's just full of crap, which I'm more inclined to believe than Nicky Cook, who boxed like he thought he'd won the fight the last few rounds, coming over and saying, "You have won the fight!"

You know, Arthur had almost no sustained momentum in the fight, so this is pretty amazing to me. He didn't appear satisfied with himself after the final bell rang, though he did feign surprise at the announcement of the official scores giving Cook the victory and his belt.

Boxers. What a lot!