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Barrera to travel for fight with Khan on March 14

Boxer-amir-khan_medium And yet another fight rolls in for my 27th birthday.

34-year old Marco Antonio Barrera will make his way to the United Kingdom to face 22-year old Amir Khan on March 14 in one of the first quarter's more interesting fights, I think.

What makes it interesting? How about a list? I like lists.

  1. It shows that Khan's handlers have as much confidence as the fighter himself still exudes.
  2. Freddie Roach has been working with Khan. Don't forget that Freddie knows Barrera very well.
  3. Barrera, as we talked about in comments of a different post the other day, is certainly past his prime, but right now I can't classify him as "shot." He might be. He might not be.
  4. Khan's rotten beard is always a risk, and I wager Barrera at 50 will hit a hell of a lot harder than Willie Limond.
  5. In some ways, it could be seen as sort of a revenge fight for Barrera's essential retiring of Prince Naseem Hamed. You can market it that way, anyway. Hamed could even be front row ringside.

It's not a huge marquee fight, really, but I think it could be a good one and tell us quite a bit about Amir Khan. I really like this one.

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