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Jones wants to return on March 21

Alg_jones-defends_medium Roy Jones, Jr., told the Pensacola News Journal that he wants to fight again on March 21, hopefully in his hometown (Pensacola, naturally). He also says if he can't find a deal at the Pensacola Civic Center (he won't), he'll look to fight in Biloxi, Miss. (far more likely)

Jones, who turns 40 tomorrow (happy birthday, Roy!), last fought in November, and was taken apart at the seams by Joe Calzaghe on one of the world's worst-ever pay-per-view events.

Jones has not once indicated any desire to hang up the gloves since that loss, which I put only behind the TKO loss to Glen Johnson as the worst beating of his career. He's also contacted Lou DiBella about making a fight with Jermain Taylor, but that's as far as that rumor has gone.

Prior to the Calzaghe and Trinidad fights of 2008, the latter being more an exhibition than a prize fight, it's sort of easy to already forget that Jones was fighting once a year on low-budget pay-per-views against the likes of Prince Badi Ajamu and Anthony Hanshaw. More likely than not, should he press ahead with a March return, he's looking at that sort of B- or C-list opponent again.

I'm sure there are plenty of guys that would love to take a shot at the weathered former P4P king right now. To add his scalp still means a little bit, particularly to a fighter in need of a boost. I don't think Roy will have trouble finding an opponent. I do think he'll have a lot of trouble finding a name opponent that is going to agree to his pay demands.

He's not box office, he's not a top fighter, and he's just plain over the hill. I'd rather Roy leave a fight too soon than a fight too late, and every time he goes out there now he's risking the latter. Still, best of luck to him.

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