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Williams and Cotto weigh in on Margarito-Mosley

Williamsbeltwbo060708_medium Former welterweight titlists Paul Williams and Miguel Cotto spoke on the Margarito-Mosley fight, both heavily praising Sugar Shane's performance, but also offering further insight than just a congratulations.

Cotto will, as you'd expect, have a keen interest in the outcome of the CSAC's investigation of Margarito's tainted handwraps from before the fight, though his uncle/trainer Evangelista did say that he noticed nothing unusual during his nephew's brawl with Margarito last July. Said Miguel, "I understand that there will be an investigation and we will see what happens." Given the subject matter, it sounds kind of ominous.

Paul Williams was a little more harsh in his summation of the fight, and about Margarito in particular:

"Shane took my blueprint and Cotto's blueprint and used them both. He stopped Margarito's momentum, didn't let him get off, and jumped on him with combinations. After a few rounds his body couldn't take it anymore... [Margarito's] corner should have stopped that fight. ...

"[Margarito] is definitely done. He went twelve hard rounds with me, then eleven with Cotto. He had twelve hard rounds with Clottey and the fight with Santos. He just broke down. I like him as a fighter and hope he can come back and be a champion again, but everyone now has the blueprint on him. He's fought the same way for his entire career, he can't change."

I don't know if I'd speculate that Margarito is physically done, but he's at that age that some action fighters just feel their body give out. He was not the same Margarito on Saturday night. Maybe he did come back too soon, even though he was off for six months. Maybe it was more that Shane was a lot fresher than him, period, having fought just once in '08, and though he didn't have an "easy" time with Mayorga, he didn't take much punishment.

As much as I'm sure Margarito would love to get a good payday for a rematch with Cotto or even perhaps a rematch with Mosley sometime this summer, I don't think we'll see him back until later in the year at the earliest. He needs to give himself time to regroup.

There's also that looming storm cloud that could really impede his career progress.

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