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Holyfield-Tyson III isn't going to happen

Box_g_tyson_holyfield_300_medium If you've been wandering around online, you may have caught the gentle breeze of the yearly Holyfield-Tyson III rumors. Let's address them:

Here's a link that says it'll happen, in Abu Dhabi, on October 31:

Full details of the historic fight will be announced on Feb. 1. It is understood that the bout will be held at the open air Zayed Sports City Stadium in front of 25,000 boxing fans, with sources indicating it will be the "richest fight in history."

The article goes on to ridiculously claim that both men would be paid more than $34 million for a third fight. In Abu Dhabi.

Here's a link to Holyfield's manager Ken Sanders denying interest and taking a shot at Tyson anyway:

"It's not true Evander is fighting Tyson. A third fight with Tyson is just not happening.

"In fact we are talking to Valuev's team about a re-match in April.

"Tyson is walking around at something like 280lbs and couldn't fight if he wanted to - anyway he's a coward."

And then here's a link where Tyson denies anything:

The rumors about me fighting Evander Holyfield are just that, rumors. Last week the rumors had me making a marriage proposal to a girl from England and this week they have me fighting Evander in October. The facts are I am promoting my documentary, Tyson, which comes out April 24th on the big screen, working on a book and looking forward to the release of the new EA Sports Fight Night 4 video game.

So there you go. Just like last year and the year before and the year before and every other year, Holyfield-Tyson III IS NOT HAPPENING. It IS NOT HAPPENING. Period. End of story. Kaput!

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