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Mosley's cup runneth over with options for next fight

7c42416420b26c1e79b6876355b2a643-getty-box-usa-mex-welter-mosley-margarito_medium With Bob Arum throwing Joshua Clottey's name into the hat, Shane Mosley's list of potential next opponents continues to grow.

There is certainly no shortage of big fights available for Sugar Shane, as we've been talking about a number of potential foes for the new WBA welterweight titlist since his pounding of Antonio Margarito on Saturday. In order of my own personal desire (throw your own list in the comments!), here's my top eight for Sugar Shane:

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I can't help it, I still badly want to see these two fight. Shane and Floyd has been one of my dream fights for years, as it has been for many. In their primes, I think Mosley would have been bar none the biggest threat to Mayweather, and if you stack them up prime-vs-prime at 135 pounds, I'd pick Mosley without thinking twice.

At welterweight today, it's a toss-up. Floyd would be a little rusty, Shane is a little older and not as fast as he was -- no matter how fast he's looked against guys like Margarito, Mayweather's defensive prowess and ability to not get hit is a whole other ball of wax.

Mayweather-Mosley is the fight for me. I also realize it's a longshot, and maybe the least likely of any of these fights.

2. Manny Pacquiao, should Pacquiao defeat Hatton

I love this fight, too. Manny showed he can fight up to 147 pounds, I think, even handicapping for the fact that Oscar became a breathing punching bag by about the fifth or sixth round. Pacquiao's speed was still there, he had enough pop to sting the bigger Oscar, and he busted him up. Mosley would be a different challenge -- like Hatton, there's no trigger issue with Mosley. Manny's got a big fight to worry about as is, but Mosley-Pacquiao could be a hell of an event.

3. Rematch with Miguel Cotto, should Cotto beat Jennings and Margarito

The Clottey idea includes -- in Arum's mind -- a sort of mini-tournament where Cotto and Margarito fight in June, Mosley fights Clottey, and the winners hook up late in the year. Nice idea and they got the seeding right (1 Mosley v. 4 Clottey, 2/3 Margarito-Cotto), but these things almost never come off. Mosley-Cotto was a great fight the first time, and I have no reason yet to believe a rematch wouldn't be a barnburner, too.

4. Rematch with Antonio Margarito, should Margarito beat Cotto

Assuming no "guilt" on Margarito's behalf for the ongoing wraps controversy, and even conceding that Shane whooped Margarito something fierce, y'know, sometimes fighters just have bad nights, or had bad training camps, or just weren't there mentally, or whatever. Sergio Mora beat Vernon Forrest last year because Forrest didn't have it that night. In the rematch, Forrest smoked him. It happens. I firmly believe Margarito is better than he showed on Saturday, even though I also believe Mosley might just be a horrible style match for him. I'd like to find out if other options fall through.

5. Paul Williams

It might seem like I'm dissing Paul, but I'm not. It's just a personal preference, and while I'd certainly watch, there's nothing about a Williams-Mosley fight that really pushes my buttons, if you will. I don't know what it is, but I don't see it being that exciting of a fight, don't see it attracting a big audience (Williams still has a slight following compared to a lot of guys, even with as good as he is), and I just don't much care for it on paper. I might be way off -- if you think Williams-Mosley would be a hell of a fight, tell me why and set me straight. But the idea has never really appealed to me more than a lot of other fights for either guy.

6. Joshua Clottey

I like Josh Clottey and respect the hell out of him, but it's no secret that he lacks sizzle and has no name value at all. I'm all for making good fights, and Mosley-Clottey might be a good fight, but it could also be an ugly bore, too. Clottey has the ability to make good and bad fights, both of which speak to his strengths. But Mosley deserves "big fights," big atmosphere, and big events. Clottey can't bring that to the table. But as a fight? Sure, because Clottey deserves good opponents, too.

7. Andre Berto

Berto is a younger version of Mosley at 147, but I don't think he's ready for the type of heat and rhythm-busting tactics Mosley can bring to a fight. Berto had his hands full with Luis Collazo; he's not ready for Shane yet. Still, it'd probably be explosive.

8. Ricky Hatton, should Hatton beat Pacquiao

I put this last because while it would be a big event and a fun fight, I have no doubt Mosley would waste Hatton because he's just too big and strong. Hatton is entirely unspecial at 147 pounds.

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