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If Hatton fights Jr., he won't have Sr. in his corner

610x_medium Should Ricky Hatton successfully upset Manny Pacquiao in May and land a desired rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr., he'll have to fight the "Pretty Boy" without the training help of Floyd's father.

Floyd Sr. has told Hatton that he and his son are on amicable terms again, having patched up their differences for the time being. Father and son are speaking for the first time in a while. How long that will last is anyone's guess. The Mayweathers have always had a rollercoaster sort of relationship, at least as far as fans and media are aware, and it's hard to not speculate considering how public Sr. in particular makes these things.

Speaking of when Floyd told Hatton that if the two fought he couldn't train him, Hatton said, "I said it was totally understandable. You can't expect him to go in the corner against his own son.

"It would be a shame if (Floyd Jr.) stayed retired. I would rather him knock me out again. I'm not looking past Pacquiao but as far as dreams in terms of what I want to do finishing my career, I've got this nagging feeling in my head that I want to put the record straight."

I've gone on record -- as most have -- saying that if they fought again it probably doesn't look much different. Ricky just doesn't have the physical tools to beat Floyd. Still, even taking that into account, you have to admire his desire to fight Mayweather again. Floyd isn't just the only guy to beat Ricky, he clean knocked him out. Actively wanting that fight again is ballsy.

It does make me wonder just who, theoretically, Hatton would hire to train him for a Mayweather rematch. Billy Graham ain't gonna cut it, and it'd probably be hard for them to work together again anyway. Or maybe it wouldn't, I don't know. I suppose I'd suggest Naazim Richardson, who is probably the best trainer in the sport right now.

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