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Tomasz Adamek relinquishes IBF title, but plans to return to cruiserweight

Ring Magazine world cruiserweight champion Tomasz Adamek has vacated his IBF cruiserweight title, but has indicated he plans to return to the division after his Polish superfight with heavyweight Andrew Golota.

Main Events Promotions released the following statement:

This week, Tomasz Adamek, in a letter written to Marian Muhammad, President, International Boxing Federation, formally vacated his IBF Crusierweight Title. Adamek expressed his regret in having to vacate the title and thanked the IBF for the opportunities he was given.

He stated, "I am not leaving the IBF family. I will be fighting October 24 against Andrew Golota for the IBF International Heavyweight Title in Lodz, Poland. Further, when possible I hope to return to reclaim my IBF Title."

Adamek still holds the Ring Belt Cruiserweight Championship Title.

I really do wonder if Adamek (38-1, 26 KO) is biting off a bigger piece than he can chew against Golota (41-7-1, 33 KO), but then I think about it for a moment and decide that it's likely Golota is barely showing up to fight, but instead just there to collect a big paycheck in Poland and give everyone an attraction for which to come out. Golota hasn't won a significant fight this decade, except maybe Orlin Norris in 2000 if you count that as "significant." Other than that his best win was probably in January 2008 against Mike Mollo, who then went ahead and lost to a shot Jameel McCline, too.

Golota has size on Adamek. At 6'4" with a 79" reach, he's got two and a half inches or so on Adamek, plus four inches of reach. And he's just a bigger man. Adamek isn't a large cruiserweight. But Golota is 41 and I just don't expect him to be putting in maximum effort.

But what do I know? They'll both get a big payday and then life will go on for Adamek. I expect him to get a fairly wide decision victory and everyone will congratulate each other.