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Mandatory Eight Count - Finances Made Public

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According to one source, this is one of the few punches that Valuev landed all night.  via <a href=""></a>
According to one source, this is one of the few punches that Valuev landed all night. via

Punch Stats for Haye-Valuev | AllBoxing.Ru

I have no idea how valid these numbers are, or where they compiled the numbers (since the U.S. and U.K. broadcasts didn't have punch stats), but this Russian site claims that Haye was 98/143 (69%) and Valuev was 64/390 (16%).  That's not exactly the fight I saw (I personally thought Valuev blocked the majority of Haye's punches), but if those stats hold true, then it's pretty easy to see how Haye won, despite an absurdly low output.  The site also mentions that Haye's purse for the fight was only 1 Euro, but that he got to keep 100% of the UK TV rights, which amounted to about 2.5 million Euro. 

Kessler to make $8 million for Super Six | Ekstra Bladet

This is the first real insight we get into the business deal behind the Super Six.  According to the article, Kessler will be making approximately $8 million for the first three fights of the Super Six tournament.  He made $5 million to fight Calzaghe, so it's pretty easy to see why he would take part in the tournament. 

WBC taking even more money from its fighters | Reuters

Unnoticed by me, at the WBC convention, they also resolved to pull 3% from every fighter's purse.  Promoters will need to deposit a letter of credit to account for the purses before the fight.  Expect to see a lot of fighters dropping their belts in big fights in the future. 

The Internets catch Pacman Fever | Various

You can't blame the mainstream media for not covering this bout.  In the past day, there have been prominent articles in USA Today, CNN, ESPN (which front-paged its fight blog), Yahoo! (sans Kevin Iole), the LA Times and the Las Vegas Sun.  And a note to Larry Merchant - even the New York Times is in on the action, writing a good piece about how Pacquiao and Freddie Roach came to form a union. 

Saul Alvarez to face Lanardo Tyner | Esto

"Canelo" will be taking another step towards trying to build a name in the U.S., facing Lanardo Tyner in his next fight in an American location to be determined.  Tyner has fought a couple times on U.S. TV before, losing decisions to Mike Arnaoutis and Lamont Peterson, so it would be impressive if Alvarez could knock him out.  Considering he still doesn't have a major promoter (he's fought on both GBP and Top Rank cards before, and there's rumored to be somewhat of a bidding war to sign him), his career has been guided very well up to this point.  And while he's still facing fringe contenders in his 30th career fight, you have to remember that the kid is only 20 years old. 

Laila Ali coming out of retirement? | Gulf News

According to this Dubai-based news source, Laila Ali will be coming out of retirement in 2010 to fight in an MMA match that will help launch the new XKL fight league.  Considering Ali constantly says she's happily retired, and that she's only ever boxed in her life before (and never fought in MMA), I have to imagine they're paying her a boatload of cash for the event. 

Odlanier Solis wants to knock out Haye Again | Saddoboxing

The king of obscure European boxing reporting, Per Ake Persson, is reporting that Solis is calling out David Haye.  This is no surprise, as Solis brutally knocked out Haye in the amateurs.  And frankly, based on what we saw this past weekend, I'd pick him to do it again, even being as grossly overweight as he is.  Still, if they make the fight, it would probably be a great one.  For what it's worth, Haye hurt Solis in that one as well.

$25 discount on Pacquiao-Cotto | MediaPost

For the first time ever, Tecate will be offering a $25 discount for a Top Rank event rather than a Golden Boy event.  People who buy an 18-pack or a case of Tecate beer will be able to get a $25 rebate for the Cotto-Pacquiao fight.  In addition, Tecate will be sponsoring the fight on free TV in Mexico.

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