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Mandatory Eight Count - Celebrity Pacquiao-Cotto Predictions

Most celebrities are picking Pacquiao, but methinks that's mostly because he has the catchy nickname and they have no idea who Cotto is.  via <a href="">New York Daily News</a>
Most celebrities are picking Pacquiao, but methinks that's mostly because he has the catchy nickname and they have no idea who Cotto is. via New York Daily News

Hillary picks Pacman | Philippine Daily Inquirer

In her role as Secretary of State, Hillary ensured peace in the Philippines for at least the next couple of days by predicting a Pacquiao victory.  If she'd been visiting Puerto Rico this week, it probably would have been a different story. 

Nard picks Pacquiao | Doghouse Boxing

Bernard Hopkins calls Manny Pacquiao "the Bruce Lee of boxing" and that his basketball and martial arts backgrounds give him an edge.  Whatever kind of quasi-racist crap that means.  Pacquiao is Asian, so obviously he has a martial arts background. 

George Foreman picks Cotto | CNN

At least Big George gives a rational explanation for it.  He thinks that Cotto's tough experiences with Clottey and Margarito will get him to think more about defense, and that Cotto will pull out a tight decision.  He also compared Pacquiao's current confidence level to George's own before he faced Ali. 

Picks from HBO's "The Buzz" | Bleacher Report

This one's older, but pretty much everyone backed Pacman.  P. Diddy seemed to favor Cotto, but Chad Dawson, Shane Mosley, Triple H, Sam Trammel (True Blood), Mark Conseulos and Mike Tyson all predicted a Pacquiao victory.

Khan thinks Pacquiao will "dismantle" Cotto | Telegraph

Because duh, of course a former sparring partner and gym-mate wouldn't pick Pacquiao.  specifically, he says he'll pick Cotto apart with speed like Pac fif to De La Hoya.  For the record, all of Cotto's main sparring partners are picking Cotto, and all of Pacquiao's main sparring partners are picking Pacquiao.  Not in this article, but an interesting tidbit - Pacquaio thought Shawn Porter did such a great job of sparring with him that Pacquiao is having Porter accompany him in his ring walk. 

De La Hoya eats a side of sour grapes with his waffles | Examiner

One week, Oscar picked Pacquiao.  The next week, he made a silly tirade on the Ring Blog about how Cotto was going to win and that Pacquiao never hurt him.  That blog entry was then subsequently modified.  From Oscar's perspective, it's probably in his best interest to just pick the guy he thinks is more likely to leave Bob Arum in the future, and considering how the Margarito issue may be handled, as well as the fact that Pacquiao will probably retire soon, Cotto's probably his better bet.  To top it off, this provides some ammunition to the Golden Boy detractors that he's influencing Ring Magazine's journalistic integrity. 

Angelo Dundee picks Cotto | GMA

Dundee says he recently visited Cotto's camp, and thinks Cotto has what it takes to pull off the upset.  This marks the third fight in a row that Dundee has picked against Pacquiao. 

Freddie Roach puts his money where his mouth is | STV

Roach is putting $1,000 on a first round KO of Cotto by Pacquiao, which pays at 30-1 odds.  On top of that, he gets to say he's supporting his fighter without putting up too much of his own money.  What happened to the old days when the fighters would put up their entire purses in side bets? 

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