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Winky Wright and Grady Brewer hype it up

Winky Wright can apparently expect a war from Grady Brewer on December 11. What are the odds?
Winky Wright can apparently expect a war from Grady Brewer on December 11. What are the odds?
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

A press release hyping the fight between Grady Brewer and Winky Wright warns of an impending war in Puerto Rico on December 11. The two will meet in a main event fight available on budget pay-per-view in the United States.

From Winky:

"Just like Columbus discovered Puerto Rico hundreds of years ago, December 11 will be the day that I discover victory once again and show the world that I am still one of the best fighters in the sport today," said Wright. "I feel great, and I'm ready for a hard fight. Brewer is coming in with high hopes. I'm preparing to deflate those hopes on fight night."

From Grady:

"When I meet Winky, it's going to be a battle," said Brewer. "Unlike Columbus who took Puerto Rico without a fight, Winky should expect a war on fight night."

The last time I saw Grady Brewer, he stunk out the joint against Cornelius Bundrage in one of the most mind-numbingly boring televised fights of 2008. Since then, he's won a couple of fights by quick knockout, so who knows? Maybe he's gotten more aggressive. At 38, the former "Contender" champ is probably getting his last chance at romance with this fight.

I like looking over a record like Grady's. He has losses to Kelly Pavlik and Jermain Taylor, and he actually lost to Pavlik before he lost to Taylor. But he also hasn't lost since May 2005. Boxing is weird, even considering the level of competition he's been beating (mostly "iffy' at best).

Then again, Winky hasn't won a fight since December 2006. Can you believe it's been three years since Winky Wright has won a fight? Three years!

This PPV is bananas.

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