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Please Welcome The Boxing Bulletin to SBN

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Bulletin-lg_medium I'd like everyone at Bad Left Hook to join me in a warm welcome to The Boxing Bulletin, SBN's newest site and a brother community for us in covering the sweet science. You may already be familiar with the site, as they've been pumping out fantastic analysis for a while now. They're a wonderful team of writers and I couldn't be happier to call them colleagues under the SBN banner.

Some recent highlights from The Boxing Bulletin that will get you familiar with their work:

Pacquiao's Triumph, Cotto's Tragedy by Jeff Pryor

Rendall Munroe-Simone Maludrottu Preview by Matt Chudley (Bad Left Hook will cover this show live at 5pm ET today, and this is as good a preview for the fight as you're going to find)

Boxing's Best Seniors - 10 Big Wins from Fighters Over 40 by Andrew Fruman

Ryan Rhodes-Jamie Moore Photo Gallery (Photographer: Chris Royle)

Interview with Odlanier Solis' Trainers Pedro Diaz & Russ Abner by Ivan Montiel

David Tua Can Still Make Some Noise by Lee Payton

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