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Edgar Sosa protesting, claiming several injuries after loss to Mayol

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Edgar Sosa's shocking loss to Rodel Mayol this past Saturday was not without controversy. The Filipino Mayol landed a rather vicious headbutt on Sosa in the second round, which was ruled intentional, and the fighter was docked a point. After the headbutt, Mayol pounced on Sosa, stopping him in the same round.

Sosa has now undergone surgery, and his team says there are multiple problems. The former titleholder has also filed an official protest with the WBC and the Mexican boxing commission. According to ESTO (link via, a great deal of work was done on Sosa.

During the three hour surgery, Dr. Adelaida López Chavira placed two titanium plates and screws into Sosa's face. He should be cleared to return in five to six months. One plate was placed around the orbital bone area below Sosa's left eye. The other was placed in the upper left cheekbone/jaw area. The bone in the area was shifted out of place by the head clash.

"We also made a correction to the nasal septum, which was damaged and therefore he could not breathe. There was clotted blood drained below the left eye. He left the operating room with plugs in the nostrils to protect the areas operated and they will remain there for five or six days. He'll be in the hospital for at least two days," the doctor told ESTO.

Sosa may well win this protest, as he says he was out on his feet following the intentional butt and unable to defend himself as a result. If you've seen the fight, I think you'll agree the headbutt was questionable at the very least.

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