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Bute's Forte (and Future)

Lucian Bute erased any doubts by knocking out Librado Andrade on Saturday. What's next?
Lucian Bute erased any doubts by knocking out Librado Andrade on Saturday. What's next?

Bad Left Hook would like to welcome veteran boxing writer Ted Sares to the staff with this, his first article. Ted offers a different perspective than we usually have for you, as he's been around the sport for longer.

Along with a great many articles for various publications and web sites, he has written two books: Boxing Is My Sanctuary and Reelin' in the Years: Boxing and More. You can learn more about Ted from his web site.

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It [the Zuniga stoppage] was exactly what he needed, a complete domination with a fabulous power finish. He had his way from beginning to end.

--Nick Charles

We need to settle this. I need to do this and he [Andrade] also deserves it.

--Lucian Bute

No decision this time. I'm coming to finish what I started in our first fight.

--Librado Andrade

Lucian Bute (25-0) has a superb arsenal of weapons, including ring smarts, power, and the rare ability to counterpunch while backing up. However, one thing is beginning to stand out and that's his well-timed shots to the midsection. Both Librado Andrade and Fulgencio Zuniga have been debilitated by the Micky Ward-like laser speed. Ward's, however, were thrown as left hooks to the liver while Bute's shoots his straight in or as combination hook/uppercuts.


Lucien did the same thing to this tough Colombian that he did to Andrade and in the same round. He floored Zuniga with a savage and super fast shot to the solar plexus in the fourth, and quickly mauled his smaller opponent on the ropes forcing a mercy stoppage. While the quick ending went far in restoring the luster and confidence lost in the first Andrade encounter


Showing the waxing of Zuniga was no fluke, he destroyed the perceived invincibility of the rugged Andrade by decking him with a short and crisp left hook and then finished him with the body shot to the rib cage in the fourth stanza. It was one of those where as soon as you saw the pain in the Mexican's face, you knew he would not make the count--and so did Bute as he and 16,000 wild fans celebrated even before referee Benjy Esteves Jr. reached ten. When the Romanian-born Bute heard it, the memories of what happened at the Bell Centre in Montreal on October 24 evaporated along with any lingering doubts about this man‘s talent.

It will be extremely interesting to see where Montreal's adopted son goes from here, but he has made one thing clear; namely, that he would be hard for anyone to beat. While an Arthur Abraham-Bute affair would be awesome given the difference in their of respective styles, Lucien's lucrative options are many. One I'd particularly like to see play out involves Kelly Pavlik (who now has a few doubts to erase). If "The Ghost" waxes Miguel Espino in impressive fashion as expected, and then move up in weight, why not take on Bute? The winner would be in line to take on the Super Six winner. Oh my!

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