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Versus to air Green-Jones along with Hopkins-Ornelas

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Boxing fans in the United States (who don't have DirecTV) will be treated to a special two-fight night of the sweet science on the Versus Network on December 2, as the network has picked up a same-day tape delay airing of Roy Jones Jr.'s fight in Australia with Danny Green to go along with their airing of Bernard Hopkins' return to the ring. Hopkins faces Enrique Ornelas in Philadelphia.

The fights, of course, are being set up to get both Jones and Hopkins ready for a 2010 rematch.

I'm glad Versus will be picking up the Jones fight so that we aren't forced to pay PPV prices to see Jones and Green, although Danny Green is Roy's best opponent since Joe Calzaghe took him to the woodshed in 2008. But as much as I thought early on that I was all on board with Jones-Hopkins II, I think I'm starting to change my mind on that one. It seemed neat in theory, but here we are inching toward the reality of the 45-year old Hopkins and the 41-year old Jones (who both celebrate birthdays on back-to-back days in January), and it's starting to really hit home.

Like, seriously? A rematch of a 17-year old bout that wasn't even a good fight?

My mind might wind up changing again, but I also know I'm entirely not too keen on paying the $45 HBO PPV pricetag that Jones-Hopkins II will carry. It's just not a relevant enough fight, especially when I know for damn sure the undercard will stink and that frankly the fight itself will probably be a bore, too. Both of them can talk a big game about going for the KO to get 60% of the purse, but I don't think Jones has enough pop to stop Bernard, and Hopkins has never really fought for knockouts. Do 45-year old dogs learn new tricks? And even if you consider both top five at light heavyweight, which is easy to do, what's next for either after that? Overdue retirement?

I do still find it to be an intriguing style matchup, given that Bernard has struggled with quicker guys that make him work hard in recent years, but is it really that interesting? I don't know. We'll see. After all, I've already changed my mind once.

Also, the Green-Jones fight, for those wondering, is for Green's paper trinket at cruiserweight, and from what I understand they'll be fighting with a 185-pound limit.

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