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Mandatory Eight Count - David and Goliath

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Haye is cocky as usual, but this may not be the time that it gets the best of him.  via <a href=""></a>
Haye is cocky as usual, but this may not be the time that it gets the best of him. via

Freddie Roach says Haye will "flatten" Valuev | The Telegraph

What Freddie Roach is doing talking about David Haye when he's busy preparing Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan for title fights, who knows.  But Roach, who knows a thing or two about boxing, is convinced that Haye's aggressive style and movement will lead him to be the first to knock out Nicolai Valuev.  Haye himself is promising a knockout.

Sartison-Bozic to be for "regular" title | Hamburger Abendblatt

On the same day that the WBC suspended Cris Arreola for cussin', the WBA elevated Mikkel Kessler to Super Champion and declared that a fight nobody would or should care about, Dmitri Sartison vs. Stefan Bozic, would be for the WBA's regular title.  Sartison was shut out by Mikkel Kessler last year and since then has beaten three guys who have lost more recent fights than they've won.  Bozic has been fighting low-level journeymen for a while, and the last time he stepped up, he was dominated by both Vitali Tsypko and David Gogiya. Sartison might be a top 30 SMW, but Bozic probably shouldn't be a top 50 SMW.  This is a bigger joke than how Vyacheslav Senchenko came to own a welterweight title.  

Yorgey knows this is his shot | Philadelphia Daily News

Harry Joe Yorgey will be facing Alfredo Angulo on the Dawson-Johnson II undercard, and he realizes that this is his shot to really break through.  Even though he's 31 years old, he just quit his job as a construction worker a couple years ago to concentrate on boxing full time, so he might still be improving.

Danny Watts helping Haye train for Valuev | Sky Sports

The 6'7" Watts has not only been a sparring partner for Haye, but he's been assistant training, being the water boy, and generally doing whatever Haye needs at the time.  And the solution for seeming like he's actually seven feet tall - wearing five-inch Gothic platform boots. 

WBC opens conference | Eastside Boxing

In case you didn't think Jose Sulaiman is completely full of himself, read his opening remarks to the convention.  Still, it can't be as bad as the absolutely classic video on the history of the WBC that they were playing on Suljos before Sosa-Soto.

New FNR4 dowload pack becoming available | GameSpy

The upgrade pack, which will cost $10, will include Bernard Hopkins, Sonny Liston and Evander Holyfield, as well as two new game modes - Old School Rules and Ring Rivalries. 

David Haye's pre-fight blog | The Sun

Haye is making entries for the Sun to further hype his fight.  Some of it is relatively entertaining, and as per usual, you get a lot of good quotes.

R.A. THe Rugged Man rips Floyd Mayweather | ZShare

Hat tip to Soulrise with the fanshot on the side, but if you haven't heard this yet, you should check it out.  R.A. literally gets to call out Floyd Mayweather when Floyd calls into his radio interview.  I don't agree with 100% of what he's said, but it's pretty classic when he asks Mayweather if "the fat Danish guy" Brien Nielsen was the greatest of all time when he was 50-0.

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